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Anti-Ableist Access and Universal Accommodations

Wednesday, June 29th
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Registration is required

Event Description

Critical disability activists, scholars, and artists have created texts, actions, and works both before and during the pandemic that center the experiences of disabled people, both in regard to schooling and in regard to the wider society, considering intersections of disability with race and poverty. Margaret Price, Rosmarie Garland Thompson, and Jay Dolmage are just three of many scholars that have been writing for years about the cultural and social impact of ableism in institutional spaces.

This session builds on the experiences that instructors had during the COVID pandemic to make connections with historic experiences of pandemics, as well as with the evolution of disability advocacy in relation to academia. The goal of the workshop— to think not only about incorporating existing adaptive tools but also about expanding the possible forms of participation in order to benefit a wide range of students.

In this workshop, participants will explore a range of current and historic exemplars of disability advocacy in learning institutions, using this as a launchpad for discussion, brainstorming, and elaboration of ideas on accessible pedagogy and curriculum. Registration is required by June 27th.

Artifact: Attendees will brainstorm a curricular item (a session, an assignment, a unit) that focuses on foregrounding access in both form and content.

Eligible participants will receive a $50 stipend for successfully completing this course.

If you will need special accommodations, please contact the event organizer.


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