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Beyond Open Access: Engaging in Feminist and Accessible Public Scholarship

Tuesday, October 25 , 12:00 pm 1:00 pm

Public scholarship—sharing research with audiences outside of academic settings—has become increasingly necessary to counter the rise of misinformation, to fill gaps from cuts to traditional media, and to increase the reach of important scholarship by making it available to the public. One strategy for public scholarship has been Open Access. In this talk, Dr. Alex Ketchum will start by defining what makes scholarship and public communication feminist and accessible. She will then turn to the specific topic of Open Access, its benefits, and its limitations. Next, Ketchum will discuss the benefits and limitations of the idea of “Openness.” This talk seeks to highlight often-marginalized voices such as smaller presses, people of color, women, and the LGBTQ community in the Open-Access discourse. Openness is not a synonym for publicly accessible scholarship, but it can be one strategy to work towards accessibility. Open is merely a starting point. This talk builds on Ketchum’s book Engage in Public Scholarship! (Concordia University Press, 2022).

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