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Exploring Curiosity as a Tool to Engage Students with Course Content

Wednesday, June 16th
Registration is required

Event Description

Studies show that curiosity is a critical motivator in learning, particularly because it is key to bridging the zone of proximal learning. However, information saturation and the processes by which we access information in the Internet Age are diametrically opposed to the processes by which curiosity is nurtured. The pedagogical need is significant: for faculty to find ways to re-awaken dormant curiosity or to spark curiosity in students when educational malaise and apathy seems more prevalent among our students than questions; to help students tap into their curiosity as the intrinsic motivation that leads to academic success but more importantly to life-long learning and deep engagement with the world around them.

This workshop will explore the three components of curiosity: the nature of curiosity; motivation and curiosity; curiosity in the classroom. By the end of the workshop, participants will identify at least one conceptual approach by which they can nurture student curiosity throughout a course and at least one specific step they can take toward a student-centered course directed by the students’ individual or group curiosity. Registration is required by June 16th.

Participants will receive a $300 stipend for successfully completing this course.

If you will need special accommodations, please contact the event organizer.


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