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Integrating Supplemental Technologies with Zoom to Facilitate Interaction

Thursday, February 4th
12:00 pm
Registration is required

Event Description

How can we keep students engaged during synchronous online teaching? To answer this question, this intermediate-level hybrid workshop consists of three parts:

For the first part, participants will complete a pre-session survey and review some differentiated resources on ReggieNet to develop some common understandings related to pedagogy and online instruction.

The second part is a 2-hour synchronous workshop featuring multiple technologies that can integrate with Zoom to create interactive synchronous instruction. Participants will interact as students while they learn about these technologies as well as some tips and trick to manage multiple tools at once. During this session, they will also brainstorm ideas to use the technologies that were modeled to enhance a lesson for one of their courses.

The final part will involve some independent asynchronous work to actually develop their lesson and practice facilitating it. Participants will have a choice in how they receive support from the facilitator during this session. They can choose from a 1:1 consultation/practice session or an asynchronous review of materials they prepared to get some feedback. Registration is required by February 4th.

This workshop falls under the AAC&U High-Impact Educational Practice of Collaborative Assignments and Projects.

If you will need special accommodations, please contact the event organizer.


Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology
(309) 438-2542