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New Cash Cover Crop for Sustainable Aviation Fuel 

Wednesday, September 21 , 5:00 pm

Dr. Winthrop Phippen

A reliable, sustainable, and secure biofuels industry in the U.S. requires a diverse portfolio of feedstocks that can be utilized across multiple energy platforms. This includes dedicated industrial crops to produce lipids that can be efficiently converted to drop-in fuels using both proven and emerging technologies. Companies are investing in oilseed-to-biofuels processing facilities in the U.S. Midwest. However, domestic availability of oilseed feedstocks is limited. To address this, we are developing the cash cover-crop pennycress (Thlaspiarvense L.) to be grown as a winter- or spring-annual industrial crop throughout the 80 million-acre U.S. Midwest Corn Belt and in other temperate-region cropping systems. Off-season integration of pennycress into existing corn and soybean acres would extend the growing season on established croplands and avoid displacement of food crops or ecosystems while yielding up to an additional 2 billion gallons of oil annually towards the 25-year goal of 50 billion gallons of biofuels set by the US Federal government.

This presentation is part of the Energy for a Sustainable Future Seminar Series.

Meeting ID: 951 6546 6322 https://illinoisstate.zoom.us/j/95165466322

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