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Safe Zone for Instructors

Monday, February 21, 1:00 pm3:30 pm

Registration is required

LGBTQ+ youth, including college students, are vastly more likely to suffer from mental health challenges, bullying, and domestic violence than their peers. It’s important that we make our classrooms environments where all our students feel seen, heard, and respected, as well as places where they feel safe to express themselves. This is sometimes easier said than done, however, and many instructors feel ill-equipped to talk about LGBTQ+ issues in the classroom.   

Safe Zone-style workshops take several forms, and this program is tailored specifically for instructors with scenarios that offer some guidance for common classroom situations. We will explore core vocabulary and discuss the complex web of identities represented under the LGBTQ+ umbrella (and, indeed, why this acronym itself can be limiting and non-inclusive), as well as scenarios related to coming out, microaggressions, and handling difficult conversations in the classroom. We hope that participants will begin to think of being an ally as an active, intentional practice: let’s make ally a verb, and not a state of being.

This workshop is appropriate for all experience levels, including those who have already completed a Safe Zone-based training either at ISU or at another institution.  Registration is required .  


Monday, February 21
1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Registration is required


Stevenson Hall
300 S. School Street
Normal, IL 61761 United States