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Julian Hall

Julian Hall 251 S. School Street
Normal, IL

Julian Hall is home to Administrative Technologies. The Departmental Offices for Chemistry and Biological Sciences are located on the second floor, which is connected by a skyway to the 3rd floor of the Science Lab Building. The Department of Chemistry has additional offices, classroom facilities, labs, and a Resource Center for students in Julian Hall.

The building opened in 1970 and was dedicated to Julian in 1974. It was originally East Gate Hall. The Second Floor was renovated in 2003 to provide modern departmental offices for Biological Sciences and Chemistry, and additional facilities for Chemistry and campus administrative units.

Julian Hall was named after Percy Lavon Julian, the grandson of a slave. Julian was a world-renowned chemist and civil rights worker. He served on the University’s Board of Regents from 1967-1973. He earned his master’s degree from Harvard University in 1923 and then a doctorate in 1931 from the University of Vienna, Austria.

Julian developed the process of mass production of hormones, helped with the availability of birth control pills, as well as the synthesis of a drug used to treat glaucoma.

Upcoming Events

April 2018

Chemistry Seminar: Colleen Chin

Friday, April 27th
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Colleen Chin of the Illinois State University Department of Chemistry will present a research seminar titled "The Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Rhenium Selenide Clusters Containing Fischer Carbene Ligands."

May 2018

Chemistry Seminar: Samantha Huffman

Friday, May 4th
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Samantha Huffman of the Illinois State University Department of Chemistry will present a research seminar.