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Schroeder Hall

Schroeder Hall 403 W. College Avenue
Normal, IL

Schroeder Hall is home to the Department of Criminal Justice Sciences, the Department of History, the Department of Sciology/Anthropology, and the Department of Politics and Government. The building contatins 49 classrooms and office space for 89 faculty members.

Schroeder Hall opened in 1957 and was named after Herman Schroeder, Dean of Illinois State from 1928-46. Schroeder was also a Professor of Education and Psychology and was acting President for a short period of time in 1930 when David Felmley fell ill. Schroeder joined Illinois State as a professor in 1913. He prided himself on being thrifty, prompt, and accurate. The clock on the side of Schroeder Hall was dedicated to John F. Kennedy shortly after his assassination in 1963. In 1964, a $900,000 addition was also added to Schroeder Hall.

Upcoming Events

April 2019

The Anatomy of a Wrongful Conviction

Thursday, April 18th
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Data from the National Registry of Exonerations shows on average nearly three individuals are exonerated every week in the United States. This community engagement forum will explore the inner-workings of wrongful convictions. Two panelists who were recently exonerated,¬†after spending a combined 32 years in prison, will serve as panelists for a thought-provoking discussion on the factors leading up to their wrongful conviction, their experiences while incarcerated, the challenges they experienced post-exoneration, and policy recommendations for identifying and aiding those who…

27th Annual ISU Conference for Students of Political Science

Friday, April 19th
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

All undergraduate and graduate students are invited to submit papers for the 27th annual Conference for Students of Political Science sponsored by the Illinois State University Department of Politics and Government. We welcome papers on any topic related to government and/or politics. For more information, please following the link; https://pol.illinoisstate.edu/studentlife/conferences/